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Gina Miller breaks all the stereotypes of an emerging music artist.

This established Registered Nurse, former Emergency Medical Technician, wife, and mother of two has grown into a music career based on half a decade of life experiences – some traumatic. It is these encounters and more that have driven and molded this small town Pennsylvania native into a blossoming country music singer/songwriter.

With Lady Antebellum influence and a cross-over modern sound, Gina’s music is known by fans as inspirational, wholesome, comforting, and upbeat. In 2009, she debuted a country EP titled Faded Footprints. Further bolstering her music career, Gina’s first producer and co-songwriter John Stoecker was a big influence in her career until he passed in 2013. She has also tutored under the mentoring artistry of Tim Sweeney, a popular independent music consultant who helped developed thousands of music artists before he passed in 2014, and Grammy award-winning and Texas Country Music Hall of Fame recipient Linda Davis, has helped Gina with her S/P 101 workshops.
In 2015, Gina signed with Nashville independent label Playback Records under the guidance of legendary owner Jack Gale. Gina recently recorded and released a four-song sophomore EP  
titled Angel from Montgomery. Read more about Gina's journey here.

Gina Miller & Division Highway will host an all-ages family event to celebrate Gina's recently released EP "Angel from Montgomery" on June 12 at 3 p.m.  For tickets and event details, visit the "TOUR" page!