Gina for Missing Persons FOUNDation

October thru November is 'tour time' for an organization called the Gina for Missing Persons FOUNDation. The tour was started by Jannel Rap her, whose sister Gina, a music artist, went missing. Jannel started this tour via artists/musicians around the country because she wanted to find a way to keep the missing exposed in the news media. The idea is to have singer/songwriters 'adopt' a missing person from their state and feature them during scheduled shows/gigs during tour time (Squeaky Wheel tour). People that go missing soon start 'fading off' in the newspapers and TV and this tour's intent is to get the faces of the missing exposed thru the media each year.  This National tour has helped to locate more than 600+  missing men, woman and children.

Gina Miller advocates for Toni Lee Sharpless, a young mother and fellow Nurse at Lancaster General Hospital that disappeared from Philadelphia in 2000. Although she has never been found, Gina continues to promote her story in the hopes that one day she will be returned to her loved ones. In 2011, Gina co-wrote Missing Piece, a tribute single to all the family members and friends of a missing person.

We need support!  Music artists are encouraged to 'adopt' missing people by going to the website ( and becoming a 'Gina artist'.  Help with handing out posters and/or just going around the audience and explaining the tour and/or helping with marketing is all extremely helpful.  Sponsors are very much needed to help cover the expenses involved with the yearly tour. 

THANK YOU for taking the time to read this...NOBODY should have a MISSING PIECE..... God bless you all!i