Gina Miller breaks all the stereotypes of an emerging music artist.
This established school Registered Nurse, former Emergency Medical Technician, wife, and mother of two has grown into a music career based on half a decade of life experiences – some traumatic. It is these encounters and more that have driven and molded this small town Pennsylvania native into a blossoming country music singer/songwriter.
Music and medicine have been constants in Gina’s life. As an EMT for nearly 30 years, she has held the hands of those dying and welcomed newborns into the world. She has performed at several Emergency Medical Services (EMS) memorial services across the country, including at the National EMS Memorial in 2009. In 2008, Gina co-wrote a tribute single - Tree of Life - to acknowledge the unsung heroes of the EMS who died in the line of duty.
While three serious injury motor vehicle accidents in 2009, 2012, and 2014 has yielded chronic pain and ongoing health issues, they haven’t stopped her from realizing a life-long dream to sing and perform.
With Lady Antebellum influence and a cross-over modern style, Gina’s music is known by fans as inspirational, wholesome, comforting, and upbeat. In 2009, she debuted a country/gospel EP titled Faded Footprints.
Further bolstering her music career, Gina’s first producer and co-song writer John Stoecker was a big influence in her career until he passed away in 2013. She has also tutored under the mentoring artistry of Tim Sweeney, a popular independent music consultant who helped developed thousands of music artists before he passed in 2014, and Grammy award-winning and Texas Country Music Hall of Fame recipient Linda Davis.
In 2015, Gina took an important step towards advancing her dream by signing with Nashville independent label Playback Records. The label’s legendary owner Jack Gale has produced more than 100 nationally charted records from an all-star list of country music legends such as Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and several others. Under Gale’s direction, Gina recently recorded and released a four-song sophomore EP titled Angel from Montgomery.
In addition to performing at events and small venues around the country, Gina is an advocate for missing people as a performer on The Squeaky Wheel Tour, an annual concert series created by the GINA for Missing Persons FOUNDation to raise awareness of people who vanish every year.
Gina advocates for Toni Lee Sharpless, a young mother and fellow Nurse at Lancaster General Hospital that disappeared from Philadelphia in 2000. Although she has never been found, Gina continues to promote her story in the hopes that one day she will be returned to her loved ones. In 2011, Gina co-wrote Missing Piece, a tribute single to all the family members and friends of a missing person. To date, tour has helped to locate more than 600 missing men, woman and children.

Gina has performed as the lead vocalist in several bands over the years. Her current band – Gina Miller & Division Highway – features drummer Brian Yocum of Downingtown, PA; guitar/vocalist Steve Walker of Wilmington, DE; and bass/vocalist Eldon Zimmerman of Lancaster, PA.
Gina graduated from Bishop Shanahan High school in Westchester, PA in 1983. She completed a cardiovascular/peripheral vascular certification program at Eastern College care of Bryn Mawr Hospital in 1995. She graduated from Brandywine Nursing School care of Immaculata University in 2004.